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Help! I can't access an Augsburg Google Drive file because I'm logged in to my personal Gmail account!
Posted by Nathan Lind on 01 March 2017 04:37 PM

 Do you ever see this window after clicking a link to a Google Drive resource (a doc or a video)? Don't click "Request access!" Instead, follow the steps below.

Google Drive permission window

Here is how to gain access to the Google Drive file: 

  1. Sign out of your personal Gmail by clicking in the upper right corner (either click on the email address or your picture, then select Sign out).
    Image of Step 2

  2. Go directly to and enter your Augsburg email address but do not enter your password. Click "Enter" (or the equivalent button) as if you are logging in. Gmail will redirect you to Inside Augsburg. Here you will enter you username and password, as usual. At this point, webmail should open for you.

  3. You can also open a private browsing window in Firefox or incognito browsing window in Chrome (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + N). For Safari, click File > New Private Window. The reality is that many people have multiple Gmail accounts (Augsburg webmail runs on Gmail), so using a private browsing window keeps Google from automatically connecting you to an account.

  4. Then, return to the original link to the Google Drive file. Now, it should load correctly. 


Additional tip: Use one browser for Augsburg email and another for personal email. For example, use Firefox for personal email and use Chrome for Augsburg email.

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