H5P Moodle Activity: Interactive Video (Faculty)
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Annotate video clips you already have by adding interactive elements such as quiz questions and summaries using the H5P activity. If you record a new video, consider indicating "it is time for a question" in the narration to mark the moments when you will add an interaction (a true/false, multiple choice, fill-in-the blank question). There are a plethora of activities which H5P allows one to choose from to create (although there may be more versatile tools available for creating those activities). Contact a member of the E-Learning Team (LFC or E-Learning Specialist) to discuss what tools are best for creating a particular learning experience.

This How-to article focuses on creating an interactive video where quiz questions can be inserted at specific points. Videos need to be in either webm or mp4 to ensure compatibility.

Tutorials on creating all the content options with H5P are available.


  1. Turn editing on for your Moodle course. Expand the section where the video will be inserted > select "Add an activity or resource" and click the "H5P Interactive Content" activity.

    H5P option looks like a black square with "H5P" and says Interactive Content

  2. Consider naming convention usage, such as VQ#  to represent "Video Quiz 1". Remember that the item will be added to the grade book at the same time it is added to the course. UsE short activity names to reduce the amount of scrolling you have to do in the grade book. The video topic and length of the video can be included in the Description field and set to display on the page.

    H5P edit settings to enter name, description, show the description on the page, and in the Editor drop-down field, choose "Interactive Video"

  3. Scroll down and click the gray plus sign to add a video.

    Interactive Video Editor tabs: 1. Upload/embed video, 2. Add interactions, 3. Summary task - click the plus sign below Video files to browse for and select a video

    After clicking the plus sign, options appear to either select a file to upload or enter a URL or YouTube link, and click the Insert button.

    click the Select file to upload button or enter the video source URL or YouTube link and click the Insert button

  4. Once the video uploads, click the Edit copyright button to add copyright info and click Advanced settings to edit the title of the video.

    3 tabs across the top 1 upload video 2 add interactions 3 summary task;The video file will display as a thumbnail once it uploads.

  5. Click "2. Add Interactions" tab at the top of this section to insert quiz questions at certain points during the video. Play video and pause at the point when a question is desired.

    Add Interactions button and quesiton type toolbar

  6. Select the Multiple Choice button. Multiple Choice button looks like three lines indicating answer choices. Next to each line is a checkmark, indicating the correct answser, and X's indicating wrong answers.

  7. Step 7

    Check the pause checkbox and enter a label to appear next to the question icon for students. Use Ctrl + B to change label formatting to bold.

  8. Scroll down to the required question and answer fields, enter text and select the "Correct" checkbox next to the right answer choice.

    Question: What kind of fish?, Text (answer choice): Trout with the Correct checkbox selected - all other fields are optional and not necessary
  9. The question icon toolbar opens with the tools: Transform, Edit, Bring to the Front, and Remove.

    The question icon toolbar shows four options <from left to right> Transform, Edit, Bring to the Front, and Remove.

  10. Click "3. Summary Task" and enter at least two simple summary statements about the video for students to select.

    NOTE: The first summary statement is always the correct statement. The summary must be clicked in order for the activity to be considered complete (very important if you are using completion tracking).

    Summary fields, top summary is correct

  11. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Save and return to course" or "Save and display".

    Student View

  12. Students will see magenta colored dots above the player bar where the questions will be inserted.

    pink dots appear above the player bar like points on a timeline - this image has four dots representing 3 multiple choice questions and one summary question
  13. In this example, the video will pause and present a question button for the student to click.

    Magenta cirlcle with a white hand pointing to indicate the location to click with the label text "Question 1"
  14. The student will be presented with the question and options.

    Appears as a multiple choice question "What kind of fish can be caust at Jax?" options: Asian carp, trout, lion fish with a "Check" button.

  15. Either "Correct" or "Wrong" will display for the student. If the chosen answer is incorrect, students have the option to retry.

    Shows the wrong answer "Mildred" with red x next to the answer and "Wrong" at the bottom.

    The "Show Solution" and "Retry" buttons can be disabled under "Behavioural settings" on the "Add interaction" tab.

    Students only have one chance to answer the questions correctly (once the answer is submitted, they will not be able to try again if the Retry button is disabled).

Do not make any changes to the quiz after a student has taken it, as their score will be erased. A Maximum grade of 5 points is applied by default.
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