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Bibliographic Tools - RefWorks, Mendeley, and Zotero
Posted by Nathan Lind on 19 August 2016 03:21 PM

Bibliographic Tools Overview

Please see your LFC if you have any questions. 



  • New reworks releasing late-2016 will be able to store docs like PDFs, in the cloud
  • New version will be able to upload a document from your computer, so it can be used for more than just library resources
  • made for libraries
  • easy to “Export” from lib resources to RW
  • can organize citations into folders
  • To create bib, Create Bibliography, choose format
  • Imports abstract
  • Can add personal notes
  • Word plug-in, requires admin privileges for Windows install, requires Java for Mac (true for new version?)
  • How to add new record - “Add a new reference” or “Search an online catalog” - good option to find a resource is to search “Library of Congress” - can search by title, author, or ISBN
  • Cost? Free!
  • Good video tutorials



  • Good tutorial videos to learn how to use
  • Looks similar to Beta RW
  • Desktop, iPhone, iPad, etc
  • Data stored in cloud
  • Web-based
  • Chrome “Extension” for Mendeley - adds a red button in upper right of Chrome
  • Also a standalone app for Mac - choose when to manually sync
  • Can create a particular folder to be watched by Mendeley where you can save PDFs and Mendeley Desktop will automatically add PDFs to the cloud when you place them into this folder.
  • Can hold PDFs
  • Can annotate PDFs - private
  • Tags
  • Gives you suggestions based on what is in your library, last thing added to your library
  • Uses “crowdsourcing”
  • 2GB free, perhaps 500+ articles or more
  • There is a search for duplicates option
  • Word add-on - get from Mendeley website
  • Can create groups for collaborating
  • Would it work with Google Docs for collaborative writing?
  • Could use Office OneDrive to store Word doc for collaborative writing.
  • Auto-renaming option to automatically create new names for uploaded PDFs using Author, Title, Year, etc



  • similar to Mendeley
  • Cloud access
  • iPad, phone, laptop
  • Pricing - 300MB for free, 2GB $1.67/month
  • Word plug-ins
  • Pages plug-ins
  • Zotero app for Mac, PC?
  • Folders
  • Tags
  • Saves URLs
  • Chrome Extension - Save to Zotero
  • Pulls in URL from wherever you downloaded
  • New resources automatically are put into whichever folder you have selected in the Desktop app
  • Auto-syncs
  • Can manually sync if adding things manually
  • Word plug-in/add-on
  • Does Z have an auto-rename feature to name PDFs if they have generic names?
  • GoodReader iOS app can be used to mark up PDFs - highlighting, boxing, typing in margins. Then email marked up PDF to yourself, download on Mac/PC and drag PDF into Zotero Desktop app. You may want to keep an un-marked-up version, if you plan to share with students to read.

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