Hide Individual Items on Moodle Course Site (Faculty/Staff)
Posted by Christy Mattingly on 03 May 2016 10:05 AM

It may be helpful to hide individual activities and resources when building a course where students have access to the course. You can also hide the entire course or a section of a course (see links at the end of this article). Here are the steps to hide or show individual items:
Hiding activities (associated with grades) on the course page will also be hidden from students in the grade book.

  1. Click "Turn editing on" button in the upper right corner of the course page. The button will change to show "Turn editing off" and blue "Edit" links will appear on the page.

  2. Click the blue "Edit" link to the right of the item to be hidden so a drop-down menu appears. Then click "Hide" (if the item is hidden, the wording will change to "Show"). Hidden items will also appear in gray colored font instead of blue.

    drop down "Edit" menu for activities and resources lists: Edit settings, Move right, Hide/Show, Duplicate, Assign roles, Delete

  3. Hiding graded activities on the course main page will also cause them to be hidden from students in the grade book. Remember to "show" the activity when you are ready for it to appear for students.

    Example of hidden items shown grayed out.

    Moodle quiz and assignment activities shown grayed out due to being hidden

Hide entire sections:

Hide entire course:

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