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Posted by Bonnie Tensen on 09 February 2016 10:43 AM

The Sharing Cart is a block for duplicating course items into a personal library and an easy way to move those Moodle resources and activities between multiple courses on your site. With just three clicks, the Sharing Cart copies and moves a single course item from one course to another. It copies without user data--similar to the "Import” function in Course Administration. 

  1. In your course, turn editing on and scroll down to the "Add a Block" block (in the left margin). [NOTE: You must add the Sharing Cart block to EACH course where you want to share resources and activities.]

    scroll to Add a block

  2. From the dropdown menu, select "Sharing Cart." [NOTE: the block will automatically be added--you do not need to "Save" or "Update."]

    Scroll to Add a Block

  3. Once you have added the Sharing Cart block to a course, it will only be visible when you have "editing" turned ON. Now any Moodle resource or activity in that course has the additional option to "Copy to the Sharing Cart" in the "Edit" dropdown menu. Click on that option to send a copy of that resource/activity into Sharing Cart.

    "copy to sharing cart" edit menu option

  4. When you select an item to copy to the sharing cart, a pop-up confirming your selection will appear. Click "OK." [NOTE: You may be asked if you want to copy "user data." Almost always your answer should be "No."]

    Click "OK"

  5. The item will now appear in the Sharing Cart. To copy the item into another course, click the download icon next to the item. [Remember that you must add the Sharing Cart to that course AND have "Editing" on!]

    Download from sharing cart

  6. You can create folders in the Sharing Cart to organize your items. Click a "Move into folder" icon in a Sharing Cart item (it looks like an arrow). An input box for new folder name will appear if there's no folder. Type the name of the folder and hit the ENTER key on your keyboard. This will create the folder and place the item inside.  [NOTE: there must be an item in the sharing cart in order to create a folder.]

    create a folder

  7. If you have already created a folder, click on the "move to a folder" icon and then select the desired folder from the dropdown menu and hit the ENTER key on your keyboard.

    move to a created folder

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