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Technology for Meetings
Posted by Christy Mattingly on 03 February 2016 04:55 PM

What technology should be considered for meetings?

  • LFCs would love to show a new tech tool or tip for 5 minutes at Department meetings.
  • Allow extra time for setup and audio/video troubleshooting if using web conferencing software.
  • Share presentations/handouts ahead of time with remote attendees.
  • Remind people to state their name before speaking for the remote attendees (even when using a camera is used if a document is being presented, then the outside callers cannot see the person speaking).
  • If some faculty will connect remotely, consider using Google Hangouts instead of Skype for the following reasons:
    • Google Hangouts has a chat capability which will allow for verbal communication and asking of questions even if audio isn’t working.
    • Skype accounts must be created by those not having one, whereas Google Hangout accounts are inherently part of Augsburg accounts.
    • Version incompatibility is not an issue as Hangouts is web-based.

  • Use rooms adequately geared for remote connections:
    • OGC 103 has dropped mics from the ceiling; the doc cam can be used as a webcam  to show half the room (if it is important for the outside caller(s) to view the people in the room).
    • OGC 100 requires ordering of the Events “Skype cart” for use of webcam.
    • Lindell 202 and all tech classrooms have a doc cam which can be used as a webcam and microphone.

  • If viewing each other on screen is not as important as the information being presented, consider using Google Hangouts to share the display screen.
  • If the meeting needs to be recorded, contact your LFC for options.

Updated: 2/3/2016

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