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Scanning a document using OCR capable copiers (Faculty/Staff/Students)
Posted by Eric Ratsabouth on 11 February 2014 11:27 AM

This article will show you the necessary steps for scanning your documents into an electronic form using the OCR (optical character recognition) capability. OCR is a way for the scanner to recognize text and allow a computer to manipulate the text for editing in programs such as Microsoft Word. To find OCR printers go to and search for OCR, and installer the printer with OCR capability. 

  1. Place your document on the top bed of the machine with the text face up.
    page with text face down on scanner
  2. Fob into the printer then select "Device Functions"

  3. Select "Access Device", then choose "Device Scan"

    Shows four possible options: copy, scan, operation guide, enlarge display mode

  4.  Click on "File Format"

    Shows four possible options: Color Mode, Resolution, File Formate, Original, Exposure

  5. Select the file type and check the OCR box.

    Shows file formate types and OCR checkbox
    ! When using the OCR Scanner you have the option of emailing your document as a PDF, XMS, or OOXML file. By default the scanner is set to a PDF format. 

      6. Click "Start". Scan job will show processing and show up in your inbox shortly. 


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