Enable Activity Completion in a Moodle Course (Faculty/Staff)
Posted by Eric Strom on 18 October 2013 08:49 AM

Completion tracking in Moodle enables assignments to be marked as complete either by the students or by Moodle when certain criteria is completed by participants. Items marked as complete are indicated by a check box to the right of the item. Enabling this feature also provides a completion tracking report for instructors to view a progress of students with respect to content in the course using completion tracking. The "Completion tracking" setting is turned on in the course-level settings. As of October 2016, the default setting at the course level is to have completion tracking turned on. Course restores from prior years will need to have the setting enabled.

  1. In the Administration block, select "Edit settings" from the Course administration options.

    Administration block, Edit settings

  2. Navigate to the section "Completion tracking" and set "Enable completion tracking" to "Yes".

    Completion tracking setting

  3. At the bottom of the settings page, click "Save changes"

    Save changes button

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