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Putting a Qualtrics Survey Form on Your Website
Posted by Jeffery Rowdon on 16 October 2012 03:28 PM
Here are the steps to help you put a form you built in Qualtrics on your Augsburg web page:

  1. Go to the Augsburg Word Press site and open the page you want to edit.

    Image of Step 1

  2. Click on the HTML tab.

    Image of Step 2

  3. Click in the window where you want the form to show up and copy and paste the code below that you find in <>.  You will need to change the web address to whatever the web address is for your specific survey.
    <iframe src= width="700" height="100%"></iframe>
    Image of Step 2
  4. Remember to work with your LFC for help with sizing the Qualtrics survey in the page and building the Qualtrics survey you want to use for your form.

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Last Modified: 2012/10/16

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