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Submitting Work Requests (Tickets) For The AIS / EIS Team
Posted by Alexander Grzywinski on 07 May 2012 04:48 PM
This article will show you how to submit work requests (tickets) for the AIS / EIS team

There are three topics in this document:

Submitting a new ticket

1. Go to

2. Log in on the left side using your AugNet login information (if you forget this part, you can still submit a ticket, but you will need to enter your contact information manually.)

3. Click on "Submit a Ticket"

4. Choose the category (“department”) for your request.  While other categories are available, these three are the ones that directly relate to Agresso and the AIS/EIS team

  • Agresso – requests for changes or updates to Agresso itself, new reports, etc.
  • Accounts and Access / Agresso Access  - requests for individuals to have new or changed access to Agresso
  • AIS (Information Systems) – requests for the AIS team that may be distinct from requests for changes to Agresso

5. In the drop-down box for “Requesting Department”, select your department.  Departments are arranged by division (the ALL CAPS HEADINGS).  If your specific department is not listed, choose the appropriate ALL CAPS HEADING.

6. Enter a subject line and a description of your request. 

7. If you wish to attach a file for further detail, click the “Add file…” link.  Then click the “Browse…” button to select and attach a file. 

8.Click “Submit” to complete your request.

Please note that you (the owner of the email address used to submit the request) are the only person who will get email updates about this request or be able to view this ticket using the “View Tickets” feature of the ticketing system.


Check the status of an existing ticket

You will receive email notifications when your ticket is updated, along with any information the AIS/EIS team has entered.  If you wish to check the status independent of these emails:

3. Click on the subject line of a ticket to view the complete history and current status of that ticket.

Add information to an existing ticket

1. Follow the steps to view an existing ticket, then click “Post Reply” in the upper right corner when you are viewing the ticket.  After entering your updates, click “Send” at the bottom.


2. Reply to one of the email notifications you receive about your ticket.  (Do not alter the “To” address or the Subject line).  Your reply will automatically be added to the ticket.

NOTE: If you add a recipient to the cc: line of your reply email, that email address will receive copies of all subsequent updates to the ticket.

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