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Changing your Augsburg password (Faculty/Staff/Students)
Posted by Nathan Lind on 21 April 2011 04:36 PM

You are always welcome to contact the TechDesk or your Liaison For Computing or the Tech Desk if you would like in-person help or a more detailed explanation of any of the following information.

A brief overview of steps to change augnet password:

1. Be on campus (not required, but strongly recommended it makes getting help easier, and if you have an Augsburg-owned laptop, it should sync your password so your computer uses the same password as Augnet)

2. Plug in to ethernet if possible

3. Turn off wifi on laptop (only if plugged in to ethernet), smartphone, iPad (or use "Airplane mode")

4. Sign out of your Augsburg account on any mobile devices - WiFi, Gmail, Mail apps. 

5. Log in at

6. Close any other Augnet-related browser tabs or windows or programs (webmail, moodle)

7. Click on "Account Utilities" then "Change Password"

8. Enter old and new (x2) passwords

Passwords must:
    •    Be a minimum of 8 characters (max 16)
    •    Not contain the same character more than 3 times
    •    Contain at least one numeral and one capital letter
    •    Be changed each 365 days (180 days for some administrative users)
The following cannot be used:
    •    Any previous password
    •    Your first or last name
    •    Your username
Please also note:
    •    Passwords are case sensitive
    •    It is wise to use different passwords for different sites and services

9. Record this password in a secure place, such as an encrypted database (see your LFC for ideas)

10. Restart your computer

11. Sign back into WiFi, Gmail, and/or Mail on mobile devices. Enter the password in all the places you have previously saved the old password:

iPads, iPhones, tablets, smartphones - tutorial here:
wifi - "Forget" Augsburg wifi network to reset the password (may need to click "Accept" on a new certificate)


-RDP - saved login
-RDP - iPrint
-iPrint Windows
-iPrint Mac
-Other IM programs

Personally-owned computers:

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