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Access Classroom Services Server from SVE 204
Posted by - NA - on 08 January 2010 12:40 PM
This knowledge base (KB) article shows you how to access the Classrooms Server from a Mac using the Remote Desktop Connection application. This method specifically applies to SVE 204 and is accurate for 2013SEM2. This is helpful for students and faculty
  1. Log into the Apple computer with your normal AugNet login

  2. Once you log in to the computer, launch the "Remote Desktop Connection" application from the applications folder

  3. After starting the remote desktop application it will open a window asking for a computer name, enter "" if it isn't already there. It will then take you to the regular login window.

    RDC window

  4. Log into the Classrooms Server and can use it just like if you were in SVE 201 or SVE 205.

    Image of Step 4
  5. When you are finished log out of the Classrooms Server before you log out of the Apple computer.
  1. Image of Step 4
Last Modified: 2013/05/07

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