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Scanning to PDF in a Lab (Mac/PC) (Faculty/Staff/Students)
Posted by Dan Hoisington on 29 September 2009 09:02 AM

Scanning to PDF on Lab Computers

  1. Open the Epson Scan program.

  2. Change the mode to “Home Mode.”

  3. Change the document type to a type of document close to what you are scanning (I’d use newspaper for books and journals).

  4. Click the “Preview” button (this will make sure you are scanning what you want to be scanning).

  5. If the page looks good click “Scan.”

  6. Change the Image Format Type to “PDF” and click “OK.”

  7. The scanner will now scan one page.

When the scanner is done, it will ask you if you want to add another page. If youare not done with your document click “Add Page.” If you are done with your document, click “save.”


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