Creating a Discussion Forum in moodle (Faculty/Staff)
Posted by Scott Krenz on 24 September 2009 01:55 PM

A forum in Moodle allows faculty and students to participate in an online asynchronous discussion. Faculty can create the forum and add text which may include the topic to consider, length of response and deadlines. Each post to the forum is stamped with the user's name, subject and time the post was submitted.

This article covers the Forum feature of Moodle. With this option:
    •    faculty can post a question for discussion
    •    students can post their own responses and reply to the responses of other students
    •    students can attach files related to their discussion post
    •    faculty can participate in the discussions to clarify points and re-direct the discussion
    •    faculty can grade postings

  1. In your course select the 'Turn editing on' button in the upper right hand corner or the 'Turn editing on' link in the Settings block under Course administration.

    Turn Editing On

  2. In the topic section of your choice, click the 'Add an activity or resource' link.

    Add an activity or resource link

  3. Select 'Forum' from the Activities list and click 'Add'.

    Add an Forum activity

  4. Enter a Forum name and Forum introduction for the activity.
    *Clarify in the 'Forum introduction' field all instructions for students what is expected of them in the forum and when their submissions are due. [Note, there are pre-formatted forum directions available by clicking on the icon in the toolbar.]
    *The default forum type is the "standard forum." If you want all posts to display on same page, use the Q & A type.
    *The 'Display description' checkbox (optional) defines whether the description content is to be displayed on the main moodle page below the activity link.

    Forum General Settings

  5. There are a number of ways to grade forums:
    *In the "Ratings area" of the forum settings, use the pulldown menu to choose the point value for the assignment (default value is 100). [NOTE: This method does not provide a means for adding private feedback comments.]
    *Many instructors use the Moodle Attendance Activity to grade forums since it allows you to add private feedback as well as a numerical grade. In this case, make no changes to the default settings under ratings and refer to the Assessing Online Forums using Moodle Attendance tip sheet. 
    *If you would like to use an advance grading feature (a Moodle Rubric or Grading Guide) to assess forum engagement, make no changes to the default settings under "Ratings" and refer to the links above.

    Assignment Grade Settings

  6. To save your assignment, select 'Save and return to course' or 'Save and display'.

  7. To edit an existing forum, click the forum link in the moodle course and choose 'Edit settings' from the Settings block under 'Forum administration'.

    Settings block, Assignment administration, Edit settingst

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